Mobil Industrial Greases

From £6.53 exc VAT
£7.84 inc VAT
Mobil Industrial Greases (222430)
Mobil Industrial Greases

Mobil Industrial Greases

From £6.53 exc VAT
£7.84 inc VAT

Product Details

  • Mobilux EP0, 1, 2, 3 multi-service extreme pressure grease primarily for use in roller and plain bearings operating under high unit pressures and shock loads up to 130°C. EP1 and 2 suitable for centralised bulk supply configurations.
  • Mobilux EP004 is a semi-fluid extreme pressure grease for use in industrial gearboxes which suffer high leakage.
  • Mobilgrease Special is fortified with a moderate level of micromised molybdenum disulphide to increase protection against metallic wear and to help protect against fretting corrosion.
  • Mobilgrease XHP greases are premium quality extreme pressure greases for use in plain and roller bearings operating in harsh conditions and/or where a high resistance to shear and water washout is required. They are lead, chlorine and nitrate free.
  • Mobilgrease XHP322 Special contains 3% moly, it meets Caterpillars specification for moly containing grease. It is particularly suitable for mobile plant, bucket pins, steering joints, slew gears etc.
  • Glygoyle Grease 00 is a semi-fluid, semi-synthetic grease for 'life-time' lubrication of gearboxes operating at bulk lubricant temperatures upto 120°C and for start up temperatures as low as -180°C.
  • Mobilith SHC 007 a synthetic semi-fluid grease for use in a wide range of industrial gearboxes particularly where a fill for life service is required and/or where high operating temperatures and leakage render conventional lubricants unsatisfactory. It has an operational temperature range of -50°C to 230°C.
  • Mobilith SHC 100 is a high speed synthetic grease suitable for a wide range of automotive and industrial applications with temperature range of -50°C to 180°C. Mobilith SHC 100 special is a synthetic super premium grease for use in plain and rolling element bearings operating at extremely slow speeds, under heavy loads and high temperature.
  • Pricing Information

    Code Description Unit of Measure Price (Exc. VAT)
    222430 18kg Mobilux EP0 EA £174.95
    222435 50kg Mobilux EP0 EA £491.95
    222411 18kg Mobilux EP1 EA £261.90
    222304 400gm Mobilux EP2 EA £6.53
    222310 18kg Mobilux EP2 EA £247.95
    222315 50kg Mobilux EP2 EA £678.75
    222208 18kg Mobilux EP3 EA £219.15
    222210 50kg Mobilux EP3 EA £480.65
    222423 18kg Mobilux EP004 EA £196.40
    222425 50kg Mobilux EP004 EA £545.57
    222605 (12) x 400gm Mobilgrease Special EA £97.70
    222610 18kg Mobilgrease Special EA £177.80
    222615 50kg Mobilgrease Special EA £479.32
    222729 50kg Mobilgrease XHP221 EA £577.95
    222705 400gm Mobilgrease XHP222 EA £8.39
    222720 18kg Mobilgrease XHP222 EA £307.35
    222169 50kg Mobilgrease XHP222 EA £603.87
    222731 50kg Mobilgrease XHP461 EA £636.25
    222726 18kg Mobilgrease XHP322S EA £296.95
    222736 50kg Mobiltemp 1 EA £559.40
    222740 18kg Mobiltemp SHC 100 EA £616.77
    222750 16kg Mobilith SHC 007 EA £641.20
    222785 16kg Mobilith SHC 100 EA £526.27
    222760 16kg Mobilith SHC 220 EA £524.15
    222769 20kg Mobilith SHC 460 EA £524.40
    222762 45kg Mobilith SHC PM EA £1,840.50

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