Mobilgear XMP

From £180.75 exc VAT
£216.90 inc VAT
Mobilgear XMP (225220)
Mobilgear XMP

Mobilgear XMP

From £180.75 exc VAT
£216.90 inc VAT

Product Details

Series oils are high performance mineral oil based gear lubricants designed to provide improved component protection and lubricant lifetime compared to conventional mineral gear oils.
  • Recommended for all types of enclosed industrial gear drives, particularly suitable for any applications which may be subject to micropitting. They also offer outstanding rust and corrosion protection compared to conventional gear oils. Other features include:
  • Resistance to deposit formation and overall 'keep clean' performance
  • No tendency to block fine filters even when wet.
  • Excellent resistance to foaming.
  • Excellent compatibility with non-ferrous metals.
  • Rapid separation from water.
  • Extended component lifetime for gears and bearings.
  • Extended lubricant lifetime.
  • Extended drain intervals are possible.
  • Pricing Information

    Code ISO Name Unit of Measure Price (Exc. VAT)
    225220 150 208ltr Mobilgear XMP 150 EA £1,956.87
    225230 220 208ltr Mobilgear XMP 220 EA £1,956.87
    225140 320 20ltr Mobilgear XMP 320 EA £180.75
    225240 320 208ltr Mobilgear XMP 320 EA £1,763.95
    225250 460 208ltr Mobilgear XMP 460 EA £1,956.87
    225260 680 208ltr Mobilgear XMP 680 EA £1,515.90

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