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Trading for over 50 years.

About us
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Established in 1972 by Derick and Margaret Caswell, we marked our 50th anniversary in 2022. The enduring legacy of our founders – a commitment to hard work, fairness, and top-notch service – continues to shape our family-owned company.

As a leading UK supplier of PPE, janitorial goods, and workplace supplies, we cater to industry and commerce. With an annual turnover in excess of £25m and a £6m stock, we consistently evolve to meet changing customer needs, regularly introducing new product ranges, facilities, staff, and systems.

Our experienced internal customer service team is ready to help, you can contact them on 01642 379600 or email sales@caswellsgroup.com They are also able to arrange visits to your site or premises by one of key account managers.

If you have any questions or would like to meet our dedicated team or see our facilities here at Billingham, you can contact Geoff, our General Manager, at gmccue@caswellsgroup.com

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