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Caswellsgroup Blog


We're really proud to be a Living Wage accredited employer and genuinely recognise and appreciate our employees for the hard work they put in for us.

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Our community is hugely important to us, so in addition to the charities we regularly support, we asked our teams to nominate any worthy charities in their local communities. Amanda Finney asked us to support Billingham Rugby Club and we were delighted to do so, with a £200 donation which will fund new pads, tag belts and balls for the thriving Youth Section.

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We now supply Air Products gas cylinders - pop in to collect your gas today.

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Looking for safety helmets, visors, face shields or hats? Our head and face protection range has got you covered - order online or shop in-store.

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Craig Watson is our Health & Safety and Warehouse Manager. He describes himself as a Snickers; normal on the outside but rather nutty on the inside! Many people don't know that he used to be a self employed DJ...

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Caswells On the Ball with Rugby Club Donation

At Caswells, we love to invest in our staff and our community— it is so rewarding to give back to the wonderful people who facilitate what we do. That’s why we asked our staff members to suggest charities or local teams which we could support, especially those that they were personally close to. Amanda Finney asked us to support Billingham Rugby Club and we were delighted to do so, with Peter Caswell offering a £200 donation.

In response to the donation, Amanda said: “I would just like to stress the importance and pivotal role the Rugby Club plays in so many people’s lives, whether through the playing side or the social aspect (and, in many cases, both!)”

She and her family have been involved with the club for over 20 years, during which her husband and two sons have benefitted both personally and professionally, with all three eventually transitioning from playing to volunteering.

The club offers teams from under six years old to the under eighteen division, emphasising friendship, loyalty, respect and inclusivity. As a result of their involvement, often in a voluntary capacity, many parents foster friendships extending beyond Billingham Rugby Club.

Otherwise supported by Parent and Player/Social membership fees, Caswells’ £200 donation will go towards the Youth Section of the club which has grown in numbers after lockdown. The club’s Volunteer Youth Chairman, Colin Snowdon, intends to spend this money on new pads, tag belts and balls. This will allow more children to access the benefits of sport and community spirit, and continue the club’s legacy for years to come.

Caswells shares Amanda’s pride in the community and is delighted that our donation has been “well received, and will be put to excellent use”.


Jangro ntrl is a brand-new, innovative product range, which has been designed to help businesses reduce their carbon footprint. Suitable for cleaning surfaces in a variety of environments, from kitchens to washrooms, this exciting new collection is vegan-friendly and has been designed with sustainability in mind.
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Needing last minute warm clothing ready for bonfire night? Drop into our Trade Shop (open to the public, too) at Lagonda Road to stock up on jackets, hoodies, beanies and gloves!

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Introducing Jangro ntrl - the next generation of cleaning products with the environment in mind. The ntrl range uses technology based on biology to deliver next level performance, improving our lives and the health of our planet.
#Caswells #Jangro #ntrl #Cleaning #Sustainable


Caswells Backs Teesside Volunteers

At Caswells, we’re very proud of our Teesside roots, and our community means a lot to us. That’s why we’re patrons of the Philanthropic Foundation, a charity that aims to help both businesses and individuals connect with their local area in order to make Teesside an even better place to live and work.

Over the past 10 years, the Philanthropic Foundation has donated more than £4 million around Teesside, particularly to community groups. This is raised primarily through donations from their patrons (of which there are more than 45, including us) who all seek to give back to the region by investing in a wide variety of good causes.

So, what sort of work do we support as patrons of the Philanthropic Foundation? Every month, the charity bestows a Teesside Hero award on a community champion who voluntarily contributes to and improves life in Teesside— not for financial gain, but because they value Teesside just as much as we do. Peter Caswell recently nominated Billingham Tidy Up, a group of local volunteers who meet to carry out litter picks and clean up their neighbourhoods, for this award. We are delighted to say that the group won, and in October, Peter was proud to present them with their award and a £1,000 cheque. It is this sort of selfless volunteering that really makes the difference to the community, and we want to encourage it however we can.

The group has previously benefited from donations of high-vis vests and litter pickers from Caswells, facilitated by Peter. Their fantastic work and the efforts of many other groups around Teesside can be sustained by volunteering and donations; so, why not volunteer yourself or make a donation towards a good cause in the area? It is a rewarding and deeply beneficial way to invest in Teesside, which often leads to Teesside investing in you.

For more information about Caswells’ charity endeavours, you can contact us via the sales office.


There's always something that needs repairing, so make sure you have everything you need in your tool bag. We have everything from superglue, tape, cable ties, sealants, to the all-important marker pens available in our online store -

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In 2019 there were 95 new cases of occupational deafness in the UK. Are you taking the necessary precautions to protect your workers' hearing? Check out our range of hearing protection here:

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