Terms & Conditions

  1. These conditions apply to and govern all contracts between D.R.Caswell Limited or any of its Trading Divisions (hereinafter called "Caswellsgroup") and the purchaser of the goods or the services from the Company (hereinafter called “the Customer”).
  2. The Customer must notify Caswells Group of all damages, shortages, or discrepancies at the time of delivery or in writing within 14 days of receipt of the goods. If the Customer fails to report to Caswells Group any damages, shortages, or discrepancies within 14 days from the delivery the Customer shall be deemed to have accepted the delivery as complying with the Customers order.
  3. Caswells Group reserve the right to alter any prices or specifications at any time without prior notice and all goods are sold subject to the price ruling at the time of delivery.
  4. Invoices are strictly Nett.
  5. All prices are quoted exclusive of VAT, however as an aid to selection the web site shows prices both exclusive and inclusive of VAT.
  6. The risk of the goods shall pass from Caswells Group to the Customer on delivery of the goods to the premises or site specified by the Customer.
  7. The title of the goods shall pass to the Customer upon payment of the full prices as stated on the invoice subject to paragraph 3.
  8. The Customer will pay the price as stated on the invoice to Caswells Group no later than the end of the month next following the month in which the goods are delivered. Applies to Credit Account Customers only.
  9. In breach of paragraph 8 Caswells Group reserves the right to charge interest at the rate of 3% per month compound on any amount or part thereof which remains outstanding from the due date.
  10. The Customer agrees to pay any costs incurred by Caswells Group in respect of recovering any overdue amounts due under paragraph 8 and/or paragraph 9, whether incurred prior to legal proceedings being commenced or because of legal proceedings.
  11. Where action is taken to recover overdue accounts, Caswells Group reserve the right to reclaim the full amount outstanding on the account and not only the amount overdue.
  12. Caswells Group reserve the right to invoice any or all discounts given on invoices that are not paid in full on time.
  13. Where the Customer has failed to pay the purchase price when due Caswells Group reserve the right to repossess any goods sold to the Customer which remains Caswells Group property, and for this purpose the Customer hereby grants an irrevocable right to Caswells Group through its servants and agents to enter upon all/any premises on which such goods may be held. This right shall continue until terminated by Caswells Group even in the event of the contract being terminated by either party.
  14. Caswells Group shall not be liable for any damages or claims arising out of the contract between Caswells Group and the Customer subject to these governed by law.
  15. No variation of the Terms and Conditions will be binding on either Caswells Group or the Customer unless agreed by both parties in writing. No Director or employee has any authority to vary these Terms and Conditions otherwise than in writing.
  16. English law shall govern this contract.