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The Workplace After Self-Isolation

As the legal requirement to self-isolate has come to an end, personal responsibility and workplace hygiene will be more important than ever. In order to reduce the spread of COVID-19, and ensure that your staff are comfortable and safe at work, there are a range of protective measures that your business should consider taking.

Firstly, respiratory protection can be a useful and practical measure in protecting your workforce from the ongoing pandemic. Whilst the legal requirements around face coverings have changed, giving staff the option to wear them can ensure that returning to the premises after working from home is less daunting or concerning. From surgical masks to particulate respirators, we provide a wide range of masks that can help to keep your workplace running smoothly, and your staff protected.

Providing hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes is another step that businesses can take to protect their workforce. By ensuring that there is frequent access to these materials throughout the workplace (which, of course, means careful monitoring to ensure that supplies are not running low), you can encourage your staff to actively maintain a sanitary work environment.

After minimising the risk of direct transmission between colleagues, workplaces should also consider their hygiene management. Increasing the frequency of regularly scheduled cleaning is a sensible provision, as is ensuring that the cleaning products used in your workplace are suitable disinfectants. Depending on the size and requirements of your premises, Caswells can supply 5-litre bottles of dilutable disinfectant solution, smaller spray bottles, and various sized containers of disinfectant wipes.

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